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Plastic surgery is a medically sound practice that rivals the dermatological field in helping people eliminate obstructing physical features. Beyond the Hollywood glam and glaze of mainstream plastic surgery lies a reputable discipline that is able to confront and effectively treat anything from acne scarring to rhinoplasty.

Facelift Procedures

Cosmetic surgery offers individuals the opportunity to make changes to their face and body that improves their overall look. During a consultation with one of the board certified plastic surgeons of Williams Center, prospective patients can learn about the multitude of surgical enhancements that are available. Everyone's face is unique and the aging process of the face is no different. The William's Center approaches each facelift with a tailored approach to address your specific desired outcome, anatomy and needs. The links below give further detail on the different types of facelift surgeries, from a full facelift to weekend lift, brow lifts, and others.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Procedures

Eyelid plastic surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be performed on the lower or upper eyelids while the patient is under sedation with a local anesthesia by making careful incisions along the eyelid's creases and expertly repositioning the natural fat deposits. Patients suffering with the ptosis condition experience an impairing drooping in one or both of their eyelids as well as patients who are dealing with an impaired tear duct can find desired surgical solutions in ptosis repair surgery and tear duct repair surgery.

Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Cheek and chin augmentations chisel preferable proportions, while rhinoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the nose, the surgery can reveal more imbalances of the profile: overly large or small noses that were once in proportion to the chin or cheeks, while misaligned cheek bones and chin bones can be indicative of difficulty in setting teeth and chewing.

Rhinoplasty Procedures

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) can be both an aesthetic and functional surgery. Aesthetic rhinoplasty focuses on refining the appearance of the nose - examples include reducing the size of the nose, removing a hump or droopy tip. Functional rhinoplasty can be performed as a septoplasty, restructuring the septum to even the flow air air to each nostril, improving breathing. Revision rhinoplasty corrects bad nose surgeries and even helps to eliminate nose deformities such as the 'boxer nose', while variations within the surgery give patients the options of chiseling their nose's unsightly humps, lumps, droops and crookedness. Excessively pinched noses also obstruct breathing, and occasionally call for similar revision surgeries.


Otoplasty aims to reshape the affected ear of the patient, can help to proportion the ear itself, aiding in hearing and preventing unusual accumulations of wax. Scar repairs, skin rejuvenation programs and laser skin resurfacing techniques using the fractionated CO2 laser will help to smooth out the features of a patient's face, diminishing the wear and tear caused by unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking and bad nutrition. Lip augmentations no longer use synthetic materials to plump the lips, and rely instead on autologous fat transfers and fat relays from other ripe parts of the body.

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