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Laser Hair Removal ~ Candela GentleLase

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   Dr. Edwin Williams, board certified facial plastic surgeon of the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery in Latham, NY is pleased to offer permanent laser hair removal with the Gentlelase laser from the Candela Corporation.

  Laser Hair Removal ~ Candela GentleLase | Latham and New York, NY Laser hair removal is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair. This procedure is commonly used on the abdomen, arms, back, bikini area, legs, chin, sideburns, underarms and upper lip. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal are men and women with fair to light skin and dark hair. Laser hair removal is not effective on white, gray, or blonde hair, and patients with darker skin may be required to use a prescribed skin lightening cream two weeks before the procedure. patients should also be physically healthy and have realistic expectations.

   Laser hair removal is typically performed in a surgeon's office-based facility, such as Dr. Williams' Rejuva Center and does not require anesthesia. A single session can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours to perform depending upon the area being treated. Areas of the face typically take about fifteen minutes to complete while the legs may take sixty minutes. Patients should be aware that multiple sessions are required and that most patients require an average of seven to twelve treatments spaced four to six weeks apart.

   For the actual laser hair removal process, a laser device is passed over the skin, emitting a gentle beam of light that passes through the first layer of skin and into the dermis where it is attracted to the coloration of the hair follicle and is absorbed, heating up and destroying the hair follicle. Patients may feel a sensation similar to a rubber band snappling against the skin. Some reddening and localized swelling may occur after the procedure, though any irritation should clear up in about a week and the swelling in about a day. Patients are typically able to immediately return to work and other normal activities, though 30 SPF sunscreen or higher should be worn on any treated areas that are exposed to the sun. There are few serious complications associated with laser hair removal, though temporary blisters or changes in skin pigementation can occur.

   Laser hair removal permanently removes hair, though patients should understand that this is a lengthly process due to the fact that only follicles in the growth phase are destroyed. For the best results patients should be diligent in their treatment plan, skipping months will lead to a longer hair removal process due to the cyclic nature of hair growth.

Treatment Guidelines

~Most areas usually require 7-12 treatments. Hair grows in three    cycles and hair folliles may contain more than one hair, each in a different stage of growth making it necessary to treat the desired area a number of times.
~Facial areas take approximately 15 minutes to be treated, the trunk (abdomen, back), approximately 60 minutes.
~All areas should be treated every 4-6 weeks. This will allow the treatment to work most effectively.
~Cost can range from $100-$600 per treatment depending on the length of time of treatment.

Pre-treatment guidelines

~Hair color must be dark. The GentleLase does not target white, gray or blonde hair.
~Patients with fair to light skin type are good candidates for treatment. Patients with darker skin may need a prescribed skin lightening cream two weeks prior to receiving laser hair removal.
~Patients must shave the area to be treated the day of treatment.
~Self-tanners should not be used for four weeks prior to treatment.
~Patients on birth control pills, certain antibiotics and other specific medications should  be aware that there is an increased risk of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) while taking these medications. it is important to notify the cosmetic nurse specialist of any medications before being treated. Patients on certain medications will need to use skin lightening cream prior to treatment.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

-Patients should avoid tanning beds and self tanners.
-Patients must use a sun block containing a 30 SPF or higher when exposed to direct sunlight while undergoing treatment.

Click here for Post-op Care Instructions for Laser Hair Removal

Click for more information about Laser Hair Removal from Candela Corp.

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