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Facial Rejuvenation | Latham and New York, NYA brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or upper face lift, is a surgical procedure that can minimize the signs of aging in the forehead and restore a more youthful, refreshed appearance. During a brow lift, the deep tissues over the eyes are elevated, the muscles altered, thereby improving the appearance drooping eyebrows and hooding over the eyes. Brow lifts are performed as an endoscopic procedure. Good candidates for this procedure include physically healthy men and women who have realistic expectations and are interested in improving the appearance of the forehead area. Though most patients are in their forties to their sixties, brow lifts may be performed at just about any age when the face and forhead area have begun to show the signs of aging.  View the results of the browlift procedure in our browlift before and after photogallery

Brow lift surgery is performed in an outpatient surgical center or a hospital. The procedure typically takes one to two hours to complete and can be performed with either local anesthesia and sedation or with general anesthesia. For an endoscopic brow lift, a few small incisions are placed within the hairline. Once the incisions are made, the skin is separated from the underlying tissues and muscle. The muscles are altered or released, and the incisions are closed.

After a brow lift, some swelling, bruising, and numbness can occur. Patients may experience some discomfort or a headache and this can be controlled with pain medication. Itching may also occur. Head dressings will be removed within three days after surgery, and patients should keep the head elevated during the first few days. Stitches will be removed in one week. The swelling should fade within about a week or so, though the bruising can take seven to ten days to fully fade. Endoscope procedures typically involve less bruising and swelling and a reduced recovery period. Patients are typically able to return to work in about seven to ten days. More strenuous activities will need to be postponed for several weeks and sun exposure should be limited for several months.

As with all types of surgery, there are potential risks associated with brow lifts and these may include the following: adverse anesthesia reactions, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, nerve injury, and the need for additional surgery.  Click here to see Post-op Care Instructions for Brow Lift / Midface Lift Surgery

In addition to the browlift procedure, the Williams Center offers several facial plastic surgery options including a full facelift, blepharoplasty, mini facelift, neck lift and non-surgical treatments such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels which refresh the face and can erase some of the signs of aging.  See a full offering of the surgical facial plastic surgery options here or call our Albany area office at (518) 786-7000 .


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