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Rhytidectomy by Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams latest book is finally here, Rhytidectomy (aka Facelift)!   If you’re curious about the Facelift procedure or thinking you may want to have the procedure done, look for no other resource than our Face Specialist, Dr. Edwin Williams’ Rhytidectomy book, for answers to all of your questions.   Rhytidectomy (Facelift) Book by Dr.…

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Rhinoplasty VOLUME 18

“Rhinoplasty”Williams EF 3rd, Sam Lam , MDFACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY/VOLUME 18, NUMBER 4 2002 Preface First Paragraph:Above all facial plastic procedures, rhinoplasty is the most intimately tied with the otolaryngologic field. The historical roots of modern aesthetic rhinoplasty may be traced back to the late 19th century with the pioneering work of John Orlando Roe. Roe…

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Combined Resurfacing Modalities: A Systematic Approach

“Combined Resurfacing Modalities:  A Systematic Approach”, Williams EF 3rd,         Samuel M. Lam, M.D., International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology  2002;4:81-88. Abstract:Many resurfacing techniques are available to the modern facial aesthetic surgeon, and may be broadly grouped as mechanical, chemical, and laser abrasion. Each resurfacing modality has its own inherent strengths and…

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Functional Effects of Cephalic Malposition

Cosmetic and Functional Effects of Cephalic Malposition of the Lower Lateral Cartilages: A Facial Plastic Surgical Case Study Authors are: Dr. Cory Yeh and Dr. Edwin F. Williams, III Summary: In summary, cephalic malposition of the lower lateral cartilages is a frequent anatomic variation of nasal anatomy. Alar cartilage malposition results in cosmetic changes to…

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Effects of Subperiosteal Midfacial Elevation

“Effects of Subperiosteal Midfacial Elevation via an Endoscopic Brow-Lift Incision on Lower Facial Rejuvenation” Rami K. Batniji, M.D., Williams EF 3rd Facial Plastic Surgery, Volume 21, Number 1, 2005 Abstract: Many techniques have been developed for rejuvenation of the midface. This article describes the technique of subperiosteal midface elevation via an endoscopic brow incision approach…

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The Extended Minimal Incision Approach to Midface Rejuvenation

Authors: Allison Pontius, M.D. and Edwin F. Williams, III, M.D., FACS First Paragraph: With age, the convex contour of a youthful face is lost as the malar fat pad descends in a inferomedial direction, leaving in its wake a hollowed appearance to the lower eyelids, a skeletonized infraorbital rim, a prominent nasojugal fold, deepening of…

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Plastic Surgery Organizations

American Society of Plastic Surgeons 444 East Algonquin Road • Arlington Heights, IL 60005 Phone: 847-228-9900; 888-4-PLASTIC; 888-475-2784 (physician referrals) www.plasticsurgery.org The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world. Founded in 1931, the society is composed of board-certified plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.…

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About the Authors

“My approach to cosmetic breast surgery is to fully understand the nature of each patient’s concerns about her breasts both physically and emotionally. With this awareness I can then tailor each procedure to fully achieve the patients goals.” Alain Polynice, MD Alain Polynice, MD is a plastic surgeon in private practice with The Plastic Surgery…

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accreditation: the process of ensuring that all equipment, supplies, and procedures of an inspected facility meet or surpass the high expectations of one of two agencies—the American Association of Accredited Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). These agencies inspect surgical centers and make sure they meet the highest…

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