Dispelling Myths about Body Plastic Surgery

Doctor and patient are discussing somethingConsisting of equal parts of art and science, elective plastic surgery procedures may not be medically necessary but they are capable of improving an individual’s self-esteem, which is a benefit traditional medicine will not often provide. Since the advent of cosmetic procedures, the world of plastics has expanded a great deal. Developments in science, coupled with technological advancements, have enabled plastic surgeons to have the latest knowledge and techniques at their disposal. Even with the growth and developments in the field, with an abundance of information available to patients, some misconceptions about plastic surgery remain. In order to better educate Dr. Polynice’s patients at Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists, some common myths are dispelled below.

Plastic Surgery Myth #1: Body Plastics are Aimed at Unhealthy and Overweight Patients

While even the most health-conscious individuals may have vices, one fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle is to moderate any behaviors that are counterproductive to a long life. That often means limiting those vices. For those who make the effort, following a healthy routine can be very rewarding.  For some, however, the rewards can be offset by remaining areas of stubborn fat that just don’t respond to their efforts. A number of plastic surgery patients are active, and therefore both healthy and fit. They feel and look great, but may find that certain imperfections remain in their body shape and detract from their overall look. Following weight loss, pregnancy, or even as a natural side effect of the aging process, the skin will sag and harbor unwanted fat. The patient could require liposuction and a body lift, or other procedures that target the arms (brachioplasty/arm lift), abdomen (abdominoplasty), or upper legs (thigh lift). Many areas of the body can prove resistant to the efforts of diet and exercise, and can be treated through plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments.

As with any major surgery, body plastics can create stress on the body and are best suited for healthy patients. Additionally, those carrying excess weight may still appear heavy following a procedure, and gastric bypass could prove to be a better weight loss solution first. Body contouring should be considered when one’s goal weight has been achieved and the level of correction is beyond what nature can provide, or when more organic options fail. It should also be noted that it is not a solution to obesity. During the pre-surgical consultation, Dr. Polynice can discuss procedure options with the patient.

Plastic Surgery Myth #2: Plastic Surgery of the Body is Reserved for Celebrities

Most everyday people do not rely on their looks to help them advance in their careers, unlike celebrities who appear in front of the masses on big screens with well-developed personas. If it is, in fact, true that the camera adds ten pounds, there is even more pressure placed on famous people to appear thin for roles. Conversely, an ample bosom or other curves may be an asset for other roles. In other cases, aging stars may find that body plastics help them to stay relevant in an increasingly young arena. In fact, it would seem that most every celebrity has undergone some form of cosmetic surgery.

Though body plastics may have a niche following in Hollywood, looking great is not just for famous people but for the everyman too. Women who feel less feminine with their small chest can undergo a breast augmentation, while members of either sex can benefit from liposculpting through Lipo Dissolve. In certain other career fields, such as the beauty industry, business, or sales, people are expected to appear a certain way to look qualified for their jobs, and often appearing younger and healthier can help to keep you in the game.

Body Plastic Surgery Myth #3: Surgery and Non-Surgical Procedures are Unaffordable

This myth ought to be a continuation of the last, as many people expect that only the rich and famous can afford plastic surgery. Elective body modifications are seen as a luxury that not everyone can afford, but this is an old-fashioned belief that was not constructed in our modern world. With various financial options, including payments and credit charges, plastic surgery is available for nearly every budget.

There are also less invasive treatment options that are performed at a lower cost. Typically, a non-surgical procedure like Lipo Dissolve provides patients with excellent results without having to undergo a surgery. Under certain circumstances, some surgeries may be covered by insurance. Following a bariatric surgery, a portion of the abdominoplasty may be covered

Body Plastic Surgery Myth #4: The Goal of Surgery is Perfection

A visit to Dr. Polynice will help patients understand the limitations of their requested procedure. The purpose of body plastic surgery is not to create a perfect human specimen, but rather to improve existing features. A small bust can be increased through a breast augmentation to provide a woman with a feminine silhouette and balanced curvature of her figure, while a weekend liposuction can instantly rid the body of love handles or saddle bags.

An important aspect of body plastics is tailoring each procedure to the individual’s own preferences and anatomy. Another reason that no surgery is performed the same way twice is because patients are encouraged to embrace the features that make their appearance unique. Rather than aiming for perfection, Dr. Polynice presents patients with realistic expectations that he often surpasses.

Body Plastic Surgery Myth #5: Plastic Surgeons Will Alter Any Area of the Face or Body

The Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists team is composed of three doctors who are devoted to separate areas of cosmetic enhancement. While Dr. Polynice focuses his work solely on the body, Dr. Williams is the practice’s resident facial plastic surgeon. The third doctor, Dr. Pontius, is an expert in non-surgical facial procedures. With each doctor practicing within limited parameters, the three have come to specialize in their respective fields.

Dr. Polynice is trained in the full anatomy of the face and body but received the majority of his hands-on training working with the body. He is passionate about changing the form of the figure and creating the right shape for each patient. The doctor has additional qualifications, which include expertise in burns and scar treatments.

About the Doctor

Board certified plastic surgeon Alain Polynice, M.D., trained in Plastic Surgery at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The doctor then completed a unique fellowship where he traveled throughout the United States, Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. The doctor has learned techniques employed around the world and is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and French fluently. The diversity of the doctor’s background and experience allows him to provide an excellent bedside manner to a wide demographic of patients.  

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