I am a 48 year-old professional bodybuilder so I have to look good in a speedo.


I am a 48 year-old professional bodybuilder so I have to look good in a speedo. My buttocks despite years of working on them are almost pure muscle but are too flat. Can a buttock-lift improve or enlarge the shape of the buttocks or just lift up what is there?


A professional bodybuilder who has good muscle tone but very little fat could be a good candidate for a lift in two different techniques.  First, even though there might be very little fat around the body, we could still harvest some fat and perform what is called a Brazilian Butt-lift.  This is a procedure where fat is taken and prepared from other areas of the body and transferred to the buttocks to enhance the shape of the buttocks and the contour.  Again, since this is done by transferring fat, there are no big incisions and no big scars.

However, if someone does not have a lot of fat to give and there is not sufficient fat to perform a Brazilian Butt-lift, then buttock implants can be used.  These are essentially silicone implants that are more firm but still very soft. These are placed under the muscle of the buttocks through a small incision through the buttock cheeks.  These implants provide a very natural look but a very full contour and are good options for patients who do not have a lot of fat.  If a person is a bodybuilder and has good muscle tone, then actually lifting the buttocks with an incision above the buttocks may not be necessary.

Posted by Dr. Polynice