I will be coming in from out of town to get an endoscopic brow lift


I will be coming in from out of town to get an endoscopic brow lift. During this procedure, is the muscle cut? Can dissolving staples be used instead of staples so I don’t need t come back to your office?


During the endoscopic browlift a heavy forehead and temple region is elevated back to a more youthful or natural position. The frown muscle is not routinely cut in our practice since more and more surgeons disagree with this approach. We have been performing endoscopic browlift for over 15 years and for the first four or five years most surgeons would cut the muscle that corresponds to frowning during this surgical procedure. We now know that many times this movement returns and in fact there are actually some side effects with cutting this muscle. For that reason, we do not routinely weaken or cut the muscle in our patient population and this can be explained in more detail during a consultation. Dissolvable staples unfortunately do not have enough strength and we feel much more comfortable with surgical clips that are removed in one week. For patients that come from a great distance, an On-Call type center can be used for removal of the surgical clips at one week-ten days. It is important for our patients to return to see us to ensure that both the patient and the doctor are happy, so we do encourage not only short-term but some type of long-term follow-up. Posted by Dr. Williams