My face does not look good because of my beak-like nose


My face does not look good because of my beak-like nose. I have great skin, pretty eyes and a nice mouth but the nose is ugly and detracts from everything else. The nose is too thin so it needs to be widened and given a different shape. Can this be repaired surgically with rhinoplasty?


The short answer is ‘yes’. Essentially, what is accomplished with Rhinoplasty is the altering of the underlying framework so as to change the shape of the nose. In a nose that is very narrow, it can be widened in the middle aspect of the nose using cartilage from the nasal septum and we refer to these as spreadergrafts. Ideally with the nose we like to see a nose that maintains its same width from top to bottom. In other words the same width is obtained all the way down the nose from the area between the eyes down to the nasal tip. The goal of Rhinoplasty is always the same and that is to leave someone with a nose that fits their face rather than a nose that draws attention to it. For someone who would like to see how these changes can be altered, we offer computerized imaging for most of our Rhinoplasty patients so that they are able to get a good feel of what are goals would be. It is also a good educational tool between the doctor and the patient so that expectations can be discussed as well as the goals. Posted by Dr. Williams