Can Otoplasty Add To The Size of My Earlobes?


Can otoplasty add to the size of my earlobes using fat from another part of my body? I think that with the addition of some fat there, the skin might stretch and form a natural looking earlobe.


This is possible – with extensive experience with fat transfer or what is also commonly noted as a fat grafting procedure. Having taken care of literally thousands of patients who have undergone facial fat grafting, we feel this is an outstanding procedure to address some of the volume loss that has occurred. The key to this is to address the portion of volume loss specific to each individual. It is very important not to perform too much fat grafting in the lower part of the face but to primarily address the upper part of the face. The earlobes are somewhat variable in regard to retention and longevity. My typical response to patients is that I don’t know if we are going to see a 10-year result, but we are seeing many years of result with fat transfer. I do believe you lose some result over time and providing that a patient is willing to accept this limitation, it is possible to perform fat transfer to the earlobes.

Posted by Dr. Williams