FAB is Exactly That – Fabulous!

Floating Abdominoplasty (FAB) Offers Less Invasive Treatment with Exceptional Results

Women who have given birth to one or more children may notice a number of physical changes in their bodies that often prove resistant to diet and exercise. The growing baby stretches the skin and muscle beyond capacity, and this can create a deflated appearance once the baby weight has been lost. The stomach muscles often stretch and do not repair on their own afterward. Many times, these changes can only be corrected through plastic surgery in order to remove the excess skin and reconstruct the aabdominal wall. The mommy makeover is a popular solution for addressing these concerns and often includes such procedures as abdominoplasty, breast lift or breast augmentation, and liposuction. This allows the doctor to treat each area of the body that has changed significantly since childbirth.

While abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck surgery, has been a great way to treat lax muscles and extra skin and fat of the abdomen, it may result in a lengthy healing period. Additionally, the surgery may call for a large incision running along the lower abdomen between the hipbones. Another option is the FAB Procedure, or floating abdominoplasty, that addresses these issues to provide moms with another choice to correct those post partum changes.

The Difference between Traditional Abdominoplasty and FAB

Tummy tuck surgery has long required body plastic surgeons to create large incisions of the abdomen to access the underlying tissues. There may also be incisions in visible regions not traditionally covered by underwear or bikini bottoms, like around the bellybutton. While the surgery is effective in removing unwanted tissues from the abdomen, it can also lead to a lengthier recovery period where the patient is not able to enjoy the results as soon as they had hoped.

During a FAB, which some medical professionals refer to as an extended mini abdominoplasty or umbilical float abdominoplasty, the incision in the pubic region is smaller than that of a traditional abdominoplasty. The surgery can be performed with the assistance of an endoscope, guided by a small camera and light, employing fine surgical instruments for precision and minimized trauma to surrounding areas. The benefits of this surgery are that the incision remains small and camouflaged like those of a mini tummy tuck, while the results are as transformative as a traditional abdominoplasty surgery.

The FAB Procedure

The doctor will begin the procedure through an inches-long incision in the pubic region. This small access point allows Dr. Polynice to gain access to the entire abdomen, from the sternum to the pubic region, where he can separate the skin and fat from the muscles below. It is from this incision that an endoscope can be inserted and utilized throughout the procedure.

Dr. Polynice will surgically separate the stalk of the navel from the anchoring muscle so he can freely alter the full length of the abdomen. The abdominal wall, or the group of muscles that make up this part of the trunk, are sutured closer together from the uppermost to lower regions. The skin is then pulled taught near the pubic area and extra tissue is excised away near the incision.

An added benefit to this step is that it helps to eliminate the stretch marks that were experienced during pregnancy. Often they are visible on the extra skin that is cut away or on other areas may be minimized by stretching the skin. Additionally, mothers who gave birth through a Cesarean section can have an unsightly scar replaced with a less noticeable fine line scar. While general surgeons are more concerned with medical necessity and the internal components of the body during a procedure, plastic surgeons are skilled in creating and disguising the surgical cuts that allow them to gain internal access to body tissues.

In some cases, FAB patients have unusually high bellybuttons, or weight gain or pregnancy has caused the belly button to appear this way. Because the navel is detached during the surgery, it can be repositioned lower on the abdomen. This can more evenly divide the midsection and allow for a full contour of the area. The doctor may also employ liposuction on the sides of the abdomen during the procedure to treat love handles or any other buildup of fat that has migrated from the middle of the midsection, causing it to appear bulky.

Complimentary Procedures

Breast Procedures

As mentioned above, the entire trunk can change in appearance following the birth of one or more children. The breasts may appear saggy or less full than during or even prior to the pregnancy. A breast augmentation can be performed with silicone or saline implants for a full, shapely chest. Because a woman’s body may forever be changed following pregnancy, including wider hips and a larger backside, more voluminous breasts can enhance the new body shape, adding to the feminine appeal. Some women are satisfied with the size of their breasts but want to address sagging, which can be completed through a breast lift surgery. Other women suffer from overly large breasts and request a breast reduction surgery to prevent discomfort associated with this area of a post-childbirth body.

Extended Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Mini Tummy Tuck

In the same way a FAB procedure addresses underlying muscles and excess skin and fat, other procedures of the abdomen seek to create similar changes. The difference is the extent of the change possible and the size of the incisions for the surgery. Through a consultation with Dr. Polynice, patients can learn more about the various techniques available and whether or not they would make a good candidate for their preferred surgery.

Liposuction, Lipo Dissolve

Permanent fat removal surgeries are another way to treat patients during a mommy makeover. These procedures may be a part of larger surgeries like abdominoplasty, or performed on their own if excess fat is the only aesthetic concern. Liposuction is performed under anesthesia in a surgical setting, while Lipo Dissolve treatments are injected into a patient’s problem areas during an in-office procedure. Through a patient-doctor meeting with Dr. Polynice, patients can learn the benefits of each and determine if either treatment could benefit her looks.

More Body Contouring

While women’s bodies tend to be most affected in their midsection, a mommy makeover may also address other regions of the body. A buttocks lift, thigh lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), and other shaping procedures can individually target areas of the body.

About the Doctor

Board certified plastic surgeon Alain Polynice, M.D. trained in Plastic Surgery at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The doctor then completed a unique fellowship where he traveled throughout the United States, Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. The doctor has learned techniques employed around the world and is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and French fluently. The diversity of the doctor’s background and experience allows him to provide an excellent bedside manner to a wide demographic of patients.

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