How does bioidentical hormone therapy deal with cancer risk


How does bioidentical hormone therapy deal with the problems that high cancer risk patients currently experience with synthetic hormone therapy?


Well it has been made very clear through recent studies that synthetic hormones lead to higher rates of breast cancer and those breast cancers tend to be more aggressive and more likely to result in death. We suspect this is from the synthetic progestins that are found in some brands of synthetic hormones like Prempro. Patients that are at high risk for cancer, and I would limit that to breast or endometrium or ovarian cancer, need to be extremely careful with any type of hormone replacement. A family history of cancer causes us to follow a protocol which is much more cautious and uses other supplements to help create healthy estrogen metabolism. We really have to analyze lifestyle habits and really focus on diet as well. So we can use bioidentical hormones in cancer risk patients very judiciously however I would not use them in any patient that had breast cancer or a recent breast cancer and the reason for that is breast cancers can be responsive to estrogen and progesterone of any kind. Bioidentical hormones do not cause cancer but we would not want to give someone with cancer something that could potentially make it grow larger, so we have to be very careful with the high risk cancer patients.