I always thought hormone therapy was for middle age women


I always thought hormone therapy was for middle age women going through menopause but it sounds like other women at other ages and even men sometimes take hormones too. Can you explain some reasons other than menopause that people, both male and female, use hormone therapy for?


Yes, we commonly use hormone therapy in men and women in a wide range of ages. Most commonly we do picture it for the middle age woman going through menopause, but it is important to remember that progesterone loss occurs up to 15 years prior to menopause so this is affecting women in their 30’s as well as woman around menopausal age so we do want to address those women. Low progesterone has also been associated with PMS and women of all ages can suffer from PMS so that is another condition where we use hormonal therapy to help control symptoms. Other conditions such as premenopause again with progesterone loss most commonly we treat perimenopause which is around the time of menopause and of course postmenopausally as well. So women of any age, depending on their condition, can benefit from hormone therapy. Men are also treated with hormone therapy, namely testosterone. This is typically in a slightly older man because testosterone loss or andropause as it is known as tends to decline with time therefore we do replace testosterone as we do in a woman that has declining hormone levels as well. So we certainly do not want to leave men out because they can derive a great benefit from replacing deficient hormones.