I am 52 years old and had a hot flash.


I am 52 years old and had a hot flash.  My mother told me that she suffered terribly from hot flashes and I really do not look forward to months or years of them.  Are there any safe and natural products that I can take to control this symptom?


Yes, it sounds like you may be entering perimenopause.  This is a time where estrogen fluctuates and eventually declines as well as progesterone and possibly testosterone.  The symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the person.  If your mother had severe symptoms during perimenopause, it is possible you could be experiencing severe symptoms as well.  Treatment for hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of menopause are most effectively done using Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  We would first test your levels using a saliva test and then based on your test results, prescribe a Bio-identical natural hormone replacement to help alleviate your symptoms and give you the benefits of hormone replacement.  In addition, or instead of, you can also use some herbal treatment such as black cohosh and chase berry, which has been shown to be helpful in treating mild menopausal symptoms. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius