I am female, with a very square chin


I am female, with a very square chin. I think it makes me look too manly. Can my chin be reshaped at all? I would like it thinned down. I have only heard of chin augmentation and wonder if you do the opposite.


The short answer to your question is no. Chin reshaping by thinning down some of the soft tissue or the bone is not something I would recommend or perform as the results are somewhat inconsistent. The opposite, however, namely chin augmentation, is excellent when performed on a patient who is a good candidate. Typically someone with a weak chin or somewhat pointy chin can be reshaped with a conservative chin augmentation. We believe in a conservative approach as the chin is something that is an important part of balance for the facial features and an overly large chin does not look esthetically pleasing. With chin augmentation patients, we can get a pretty good feel for the degree of augmentation by putting the patient on the computerized imager and making the recommended changes. Posted by Dr. Williams