I am interested in rhinoplasty. My nostrils are very long


I am interested in rhinoplasty. My nostrils are very long. Can a nose job shorten the length of nostrils? Does decreasing nostril size affect breathing?


Of course it is difficult to give an opinion without seeing a patient’s nose, however, some patients do have wide or flaring nostrils. This can take away from the esthetics of the nose even if left untreated or unaddressed. Typically to narrow or shorten the nostrils, it does require an external incision along the nostril base, however, this can be hidden quite easily. I tend to be somewhat conservative – so narrowing the base of the nose, also referred to as a alar-base reduction, is not something I perform on most patients because it can narrow the airway a little bit. Having a medical practice where I perform a lot of revision Rhinoplasty, I have seen many patients over the years who have had too much done in that area. Having said that, for the patient who has a very long or wide nostril, an alar base reduction or alar base modification is appropriate and when performed conservatively, it does not narrow the airway. Posted by Dr. Williams