I am male, 31 years old and wear my hair short


I am male, 31 years old and wear my hair short. I will be undergoing otoplasty to repair a birth defect. Will I wear bandages coming home from the hospital? How long do I need to keep my ear covered?


Otoplasty is, as you described, correction of a birth defect which results in prominent ears of the patient. This is typically performed from behind the ear to reset the ears back to a more natural position. We place a dressing or wrap around the patient’s head that stays in place for 48 hours. This is removed at 48 hours and the patient can be free to go around without a dressing. We do, however, request that the patient wear a ski-type ear warmers or ski band for approximately six weeks every day for one week and while sleeping for six weeks after the otoplasty. Posted by Dr. Williams