I am a woman with a high brow line


I am a woman with a high brow line. How can a forehead lift be performed on me so that my scars are not as visible?


The answer to your question is that the browlift performed in your particular case would be essentially what we refer to as a pre-trachiol or trichophytic browlift.  Essentially rather than placing the incision behind the hairline which would move the hairline back further and increase the height of the brow, we make the incision at the junction of the forehead and hairline. In essence this would shorten the forehead a little bit (the distance from the eyebrow to the hairline) by only moving the forehead up and only eliminating the skin at the highest aspect of the brow.  This may be difficult to understand, however, we have a lot of flexibility as to placement and much of the decision as to where to place the incision depends on the individual’s concerns and willingness to tolerate an incision.  The incision in this particular situation is very well hidden and acceptable to most individuals with a high hairline.