I believe in the holistic approach to living.


I believe in the holistic approach to living.  I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, but I am more interested in modifying my lifestyle than taking medicine.  Can I get this kind of help from your programs?


Absolutely.   There are many, many natural treatments for high blood pressure that can help you avoid the need for medication.  However, if your blood pressure is significantly elevated, sometimes medication is necessary.   In general, we can do it through lifestyle modification.  First, we would carefully examine your diet and lifestyle habits.   We would put you on a modified Mediterranean diet incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, legumes, nuts and seeds, good fats, such as olive oil, and low carbohydrates and dairy products. That is the first step.  Other things that can be helpful with lowering high blood pressure are many.  Depending on the type of high blood pressure that you have, there are different treatments available, even four stalks of celery have been shown to help lower high blood pressure.  Other things that are helpful include olive oil, fish oil, Bonita protein, among others.   It is definitely something that can be worked on in conjunction with our program. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius