I do not like the way my breasts look.


I do not like the way my breasts look. My breasts sag and look like what I would imagine an ‘old lady’s’ breasts look like. I am interested in a breast-lift. Can I get breast augmentation at the same time?


Many women have problems with breasts that are sagging either after weight loss or pregnancies and breastfeeding. Sometimes women have enough breast tissue, the only problem is that the breast tissue is hanging too low and it is possible in these patients to do a breast-lift where all the tissue is used and sculpted in order to make a nice shape and provide good cleavage. The breast is also re-suspended where it belongs and we use a technique where an internal hammock is created with your own tissues on the inside to provide support for the breasts. So in many cases it is possible to have a very nice result using only your existing breast tissue without an implant. But, however, in some cases there just is not enough breast tissue to create a full look. Therefore, in those cases we have to perform a breast-lift and at the same time place an implant under the muscle to provide additional volume. So these procedures are very often performed at the same time and provide excellent results.

Posted by Dr. Polynice