I had submuscular breast augmentation a month ago


I had submuscular breast augmentation a month ago. The incision was inframammary and one incision is now tingling and has been doing so for days. It is especially bad when I raise my arm over my head, otherwise, I have no signs of any other complications. What could this be and should I be concerned? How long will it last?


Sometimes at about three to four weeks postop incisions in the inframammary fold can get very tight as they heal. It can also cause a pulling sensation or tight band in that area when one lifts one’s hands or one’s arms over their heads. This typically will go away in about two or three months but it can be improved significantly by daily massaging. We recommend placing an arm on a wall to extend the arm over the head and placing a finger directly on the scar and massaging it vigorously for 5-10 minutes twice a day and this should significantly improve the tenderness in the area and soften up the scar significantly.