I have a large bulb at the tip of my nose


I have a large bulb at the tip of my nose. I am interested in rhinoplasty and when I look at before and after pictures online, I see the types of changes that I want done to my own nose. Can my nose job be done entirely from inside the nose

A Rhinoplasty can be performed entirely from the inside of the nose and this is referred to as an ‘endonasal’ or closed Rhinoplasty in most textbooks. There are some advantages to having an endonasal Rhinoplasty, primarily the fact that the recovery is lessened and it is less invasive. In our practice approximately 80% of primary rhinoplasties are performed using this approach for the potential benefits mentioned above. In a small percentage of patients, we do feel the open approach is advantageous depending on what needs to be accomplished. The best way to determine this is to seek a consultation with an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon who uses the endonasal technique.

Posted by Dr. Williams