I have been looking into blepharoplasty


I am male, 55 years old and have a tired appearance most of the time. I believe it is due to permanent circles under my eyes.  I have been looking into blepharoplasty. It looks like you remove the fat that is causing the circles. But wouldn’t that create loose skin? Do you remove some skin as well?


To answer your question we essentially tailor the procedure to the individual for blepharoplasty whether it is a male or female.  Some patients have excess skin, some have bulging fat, and others have primarily volume loss.  For that reason, the procedure is typically a combination of removing some of the fatty tissue in the areas that are puffy or bulging in conjunction with a fat transfer and usually some skin removal.  Naturally, we would need to see a patient to determine the best course of action. We refer to this as blepharoplasty but again blepharoplasty really just refers to improving the appearance of the eyes with surgical correction.  The actual surgical maneuvers or the modalities used vary with the individual depending on what it is that actually makes them look tired or aged.