I have never been tested for it, but I believe I have food allergies.


I have never been tested for it, but I believe I have food allergies.  I have problems sleeping, and get migraines.  What are some of the most common food allergies that you test for.


The most common food allergies are to dairy products, corn, wheat, soy, peanuts and eggs.   These account for most food allergies, however, people are sensitive to many different foods.  The most accurate way to test this is through an IgG food sensitivity testing which is a blood test.   With this test, I test for 110 different food items, ranging from spices to grains to protein to all the fruits and vegetables, including nuts and seeds.  This gives us some very thorough idea of all the foods that you may be sensitive to.  They also range from low sensitivity to high sensitivity so it can help guide you as to how actively you have to avoid this food.  The  testing also provides information on your intestinal area, which is a good problem with developing food allergies later in life.  The healthier the gutt, the less food allergies people tend to have, so we also try to improve the integrity and health of the GI system. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius