I lost quite a bit of weight last year and now I am into body lifting.


I lost quite a bit of weight last year and now I am into body lifting. I am a male, 47 years old and very active. I have been able to improve my muscles with conditioning and most of my body looks great but I am interested in competition and all of my body must look great. I have skin that sags off my upper arms. Would a brachioplasty result in a scar that would show in competition?


A brachioplasty is a procedure that involves removal of skin and fat off the arms. Very often patients that have lost a lot of weight have a very wide area of skin hanging off the arm, very often referred to as ‘bat wings”. Removal of this excess skin and fat can provide a very nice contour and shape to the arms; however, it does involve a scar that would go from the armpit down to the elbow on the inside. When someone has their arms at rest down by their sides, this scar should not be visible from the front or the back. However, if you lift up your arms or if you are competing, then these scars would be visible. After about six months to one year, these scars have usually faded to the point where they are not very noticeable. Many people who have excess skin inside of the arms, only have this excess fat in the upper arms near the armpits. In those cases it may be possible to do a procedure that involves only liposuction and lifting the arms with an incision only in the armpit. In those cases that scar can be easily concealed since it does not go down the entire length of the arm. But in most cases, a brachioplasty does involve an incision that goes from the armpit to the elbows but with time, massage and pressure treatment, those scars usually fade to the point where they are not noticeable and do not become a problem.

Posted by Dr. Polynice