I would like my jowls removed


I would like my jowls removed. Does this mean removal of fat only, or do you remove skin as well? Would the skin be stretched and stitched like a face lift?


Jowls are usually the result of settling soft tissue in the lower part of the face. Most jowls are not addressed by simply removing the fat as the skin would be left behind giving a somewhat droopy appearance. This would require a lower lift of the face with a deeper suspension to tighten up the jawline and jowl region. The skin would also be re-draped so as to improve the jawline and neck contour and depending on the amount of fatty tissue of the jawline and neck, liposuction is usually performed. Sometimes liposuction is performed through the lift incision as well but most jowling occurs because tissue of the face has moved downward and forward settling and framing the area of the mouth in an unpleasant way.

Posted by Dr. Williams