In the fat trasfer procedure, how is the fat removed from the body?


In the fat trasfer procedure, how is the fat removed from the body? Is the fat processed before it is put into the intended site?


A fat transfer procedure gentle liposuction under low pressure is performed on the patient receiving a fat transfer. Typically fat is harvested from the outer thigh, inner thigh or abdominal area depending on the patient and the best particular location. Once the fat has been removed under gentle liposuction, we centrifuge the fat for approximately 13 minutes to separate all the living fat cells from the other fragments of broken fat cells or even red blood cells and even some of the blood cells that often tinge the aspirate. At this point the patient has been marked out, local anesthesia has been performed and the tedious process of fat transfer begins by injecting in the appropriate hollow areas of the lower eyes, mid-face, area around the nose/mouth, pre-jowl area and often in the temple region as well as the forehead. Where the fat transfer procedure is performed depends on where the patient has lost the greatest volume. This is usually best noticed by comparison photographs of the patient over the past ten years. This can be done at the time of consultation for planning purposes.

Posted by Dr. Williams