Is detoxification known to help with some chronic diseases?


Is detoxification known to help with some chronic diseases?  My daughter has Crohn’s disease and I would like to have her detoxify her body.   She is 17 years old.


Yes, detoxification is extremely helpful for many chronic diseases, including Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  However, you have to detoxify in a very safe, and effective manner.  I do not recommend an extensive fasting as a great means to detoxify.  The best way to detoxify is to eat a simple, clean diet, such as rice, organic vegetables, olive oil, legumes, and at the same time use specialized nutritional supplements to support the function of the liver, kidneys, skin and gutt.  These are the four organs of detoxification that are constantly detoxifying everything that our body encounters.  Those are chronic diseases that are going to benefit especially from detoxification and I do recommend a safe detoxification for those patients.  Being 17 years old, it would be important that she consume enough calories, be properly adequately hydrated and be followed by a physician during the detoxification process. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius