Long-term Result of Autologous Periorbital Lipotransfer

Authors: Dr. Cory Yeh and Dr. Edwin F. Williams

Long-term Results of Autologous Periorbital Lipotransfer | Latham and New York, NY

     Rejuvenation of the periorbital area continues to be a topic of great interest to surgeons and patients. Aging around the eyes involves a complex series of anatomical and physiologic changes that can be seen in patients as young as their mid-30’s and is accentuated in subsequent decades. Multiple techniques have been developed that aim to restore a youthful appearance to the eyes and have included novel surgical approaches and several nonsurgical modalities. One of the most popular techniques for periorbital rejuvenation is autologous lipotransfer.


     Results from most patients who underwent autologous periorbital lipotransfer demonstrated improvement that lasted as long as 3 years. Autologous periorbital lipotransfer remains a valid and effective technique for periorbital rejuvenation and demonstrates long-term potential effectiveness.

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*Patient Results May Vary
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