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You’re all dressed up, and there’s someplace to go, but you’re unhappy with your appearance. If the “inner” you is not pleased with the “outer” you, it’s time to seriously consider the options. Elective cosmetic surgery – once used only by the rich and famous – is now readily available to anyone and everyone with the desire to look their absolute best. The practice of Edwin F. Williams III, M.D., F.A.C.S., is “just what the doctor ordered” to enhance your natural assets and give you the confidence of a lifetime. When you know you look good, you feel great – and that’s what the Williams Center for Excellence is all about.

If you’re contemplating cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical facial rejuvenation including Restylane, Radiesse and BOTOX or hair restoration, the Williams Center will help you face the world with better self-esteem. Dr. Alain Polynice, a Manhattan surgeon specializing in breast and body contouring, is now affiliated with the Williams Center. This means Saratoga Femmes and friends, relatives, neighbors, summer season guests, and the men in your lives – can be confident that all elective cosmetic surgery needs will be met at this convenient medical center at

1072 Troy-Schenectady Road

(Route 7), Latham 


Dr. Williams’ vision of a complete state-of-the-art facility was realized a few weeks ago with the addition and grand opening of his Rejuva Center, which rejuvenates the face instantly and affordably without surgery. It takes just one simple office treatment and can last six months or longer to reduce wrinkles, improve the skin, and/or beautifully reshape the face. Other “pluses” include a private setting with convenient scheduling, efficient service and follow-up care, effective and minimally invasive procedures, and little or no downtime. The first step is an in-depth consultation with Dr. Williams and a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist to create a customized plan for your individual needs. You’re assured of clinical and professional excellence, and the latest techniques in medically based skin treatments. Same-day consultations and treatments are also available.

What happens when you grow older? You lose fullness in the cheeks, bone density in the mouth and teeth, and elasticity and volume in the face. The result: wrinkles and fold lines, bagging and sagging. (Not very attractive.) You want fuller, sexier lips again. You want to look (at least) ten or twenty years younger. If you don’t see yourself aging gracefully, now there is something you can do about how you look.

From easy noninvasive, no downtime procedures and minor downtime procedures and surgeries to more extensive surgeries, Dr. Williams has perfected special techniques that he has successfully performed on his patients as well as taught through seminars and workshops across the country. Whether you’re twenty something or eighty plus, all age groups can benefit from the medical services of the Williams Center if staying younger looking…longer, is your ultimate goal.

One of the most popular of all elective cosmetic surgery is the brow/ midface lift. Years ago, an incision had to be made from one ear to the other (across the brow.) Today, Dr. Williams uses the Endoscopic approach, which is, five small incisions in the scalp (1 to 1 and  inches long.) By lifting up the underlying tissue rather than lifting up the eyebrows, the end result produces a natural look instead of a startled! A similar procedure is used with the mid-face lift. With the same type of incision, Dr. Williams goes down beneath the cheek and lifts up the muscle for a more subtle difference and youthful appearance. Dr. Williams has performed over one thousand of these surgeries thus far in his thirteen-year career.

Why spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics each year when a simple surgery can make you look the best you can be? It’s all done with one noninvasive or minimally invasive procedure – with recovery time anywhere from one day to two weeks, depending upon the type of surgery. Because all techniques are fee-for-services and not covered by insurance, no referrals are necessary – just call and make an appointment.

The official operating room is an approved accredited facility under the strict guidelines of both federal and state governments. While not attached to a hospital, there are the same strict rules and regulations – with a team of board certified anesthesiologists, registered nurses that are highly qualified, seasoned professionals from extensive hospital backgrounds. They feel rewarded by being able to give good patient care in such a pleasing environment, for the cosmetic surgery patient. The Williams Center follows closely what the state mandates in outpatient and hospital procedures, with the safety of the patient the most important part of the operation.

A nurse is assigned to stay with each patient throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Edwin Williams is a caring, compassionate teacher, educator and lector throughout the country in his area of expertise. Speaking engagements for the first half of 2005 have included Dallas, TX; Snowmass, CO; Las Vegas, NV; and New York City. An associate at Albany Medical Center, he teaches facial aesthetics to its residents as well as for a big hospital residency program in Manhattan. Because of his active involvement in Continuing Medical Education, Dr. Williams has qualified for the American Medical Association Recognition Award.

If you want to define and refine your inner self and outer beauty, all roads in the Capital Region lead to The Williams Center for Excellence. Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology, you can enlist the services of this wonderful facility with the knowledge that you’re making the right decision and your privacy will always be respected.

For more information about Dr. Edwin Williams and the Center, just log on to this informative website:

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