The Extended Minimal Incision Approach to Midface Rejuvenation

Allison Pontius, M.D. and Edwin F. Williams, III, M.D., FACSThe Extended Minimal Incision Approach to Midface Rejuvenation | Latham and New York, NY

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With age, the convex contour of a youthful face is lost as the malar fat pad descends in a inferomedial direction, leaving in its wake a hollowed appearance to the lower eyelids, a skeletonized infraorbital rim, a prominent nasojugal fold, deepening of the nasolabial folds, and a pronounced labiomandibular fold with jowling. Unfortunately, the changes seen with midfacial aging are not adequately addressed by traditional rhytidectomy alone.

The minimal incision brow-lift approach provides rejuvenation to the upper two thirds of the face by effectively targeting midface soft tissue descent and lateral brow ptosis. These procedures can be performed alone or in conjunction with traditional rhytidectomy to provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Complications can be minimized by careful attention to the relevant anatomy of the region, adherence to dissection in proper tissue planes, and careful handling of tissues. The major limitation of the procedure is the steep learning curve and the difficulty in providing long-term correction of the nasolabial fold. Nevertheless, consistent use of this technique in appropriately selected patients will provide the surgeon and patient with significant benefits and a low risk of complications.

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