My experience was excellent

As an esthetician, I am pleased with what my good skin care has accomplished for me and my clients. However, skin care is just that, and won’t reverse the toll of age on fat and muscle placement. Profile photos of me revealed that I looked older than my years.

After a consultation with Dr. Edwin William’s and his talented staff, I decided to have the “Weekend” neck lift. It would address my neck and lower jawline area.

My experience was excellent. The surgery was performed early in the morning, and I was home by lunch time and quite comfortable.

I did exactly what I was instructed to do, experienced very little discomfort and in two weeks was back to work. Most people thought I had a wonderful vacation and remarked I looked rested. It’s been a couple of months since my procedure, and the compliments keep coming!

We deserve to be happy and anything we can do to look and feel our best adds to our quality of life. Thank you so much Dr. Williams!