Our 14 year old son wants to have otoplasty surgery


Our 14 year old son wants to have otoplasty surgery.  He plays hockey so I’m wondering how long he will have to wait post-op before he is able to safely play the sport again, and wear his helmet.  What is your opinion?


For a 14 year-old who is interested in otoplasty, typically for the first week we ask patients to wear a ski band and refrain from physical activities.   If your son plays hockey aggressively, we would allow him to return to his game in two weeks.  He should be fairly well protected playing hockey with a helmet, although we would encourage him to wear a ski band over his ears while he is playing and at night for six weeks.  It is important to realize that anyone aggressively playing any sport could injure himself whether they have or have not had surgery in any particular area.  For example, if someone has had an otoplasty or  rhinoplasty, we would allow them to return to sports in three weeks but if they had severe trauma to that area it could adversely affect that area.  Unfortunately, this is just the risk involved in being physically active and, of course, this would need to be discussed with the patient.