Blepharoplasty & Browlift Before & After | Patient 26059

Blepharoplasty & Browlift Before & After | Patient 26059 before and after frontal view

Patient Info

Gender : Female

This is a woman who was concerend with the tired look around her eyes.  She had noticed heaviness in her forehead as well as her lower eyelids.  Initially she was able to camouflage this with make up, but now she feels more needs to be done.  

After extensive research she discovered Dr. Williams which led her to Dr. Edwin Williams clinic in Latham, New York.  He recommended a conservative endoscopic or scarless Browlift procedure in conjunction with a Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty.  He removed a small amount of the puffiness that created the shadowing making her look tired.  The endoscopic brow repositioned her eyebrows to a more youthful area now allowing her to look brighter and able to see her beautiful hazel eyes.

She was thrilled with her results and was happy to share her photos on our website.  

*Individual patient results may vary
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