Cheek Augmentation in Albany, NY

Cheek AugmentationCheek augmentation is a surgical procedure able to enhance or improve the appearance of a weak cheekbone structure and create better facial harmony by inserting implants in the cheek area. Good candidates for cheek augmentation include men and women who are looking to improve their appearance by adding prominence to the cheeks. Patients should be physically healthy and have realistic expectations. Some patients will be recommended fat injections by Dr. Williams, during your inital consultation to sculpt your cheek and mid face area.

Cheek augmentation is typically performed with either local anesthesia and sedation or with general anesthesia. Surgical times will vary, but the procedure typically takes thirty to forty-five minutes to complete. The procedure may be performed in an outpatient surgical center, a surgeon’s office-based facility or a hospital. Incisions are located within the upper lip. Once the incisions are made, the implant is then inserted and the incisions are closed.

Cheek Augmentation, Latham and New York, NYSome discomfort can occur but is readily controlled with prescription pain medication. Moving the mouth and lips may be difficult at first, and the diet may be restricted. The stitches will dissolve on their own within ten days after surgery. Most patients are able to return to work within a week, though activities which can jar or bump the face must be avoided for at least six weeks. The potential complications associated with cheek augmentation may include adverse anesthesia reactions, capsular contracture, implant shifting, infection, unnatural shape, and the need for additional surgery.

To request a consultation in the New York area, contact the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 1-800-742-2797.

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