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Cosmetic alternatives to surgical procedures have been filtering into the market in the last decades, and today have solidified their own place as reputable solutions for people who want to apply non-surgical vanity procedures to stop the onset of age, creases, wrinkles and lines. Although cosmetic alternatives can’t aide people in righting physical crookedness or deformation, topical BOTOX cosmetic line products can help reduce scars, redness, birth marks and lines for a variety of applications.

Juvederm acid fillers can also be used to fix folds underneath the skin and volumize the appearance of the skin itself. Brow lift products can be applied directly to forehead wrinkles to smoothen and blend into the surrounding skin tones. Cosmetic products like BOTOX, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane and Sculptra are not applied like standard makeup products; instead of powders and blush, these products are prescription medicine injections that can be pushed into the facial region to swell and correct the corners of the mouth and the fine wrinkles that can develop on lips, crow’s feet under the eyes, bunny lines, wrinkles on the chin, furrows and even dimpling.

Dr. Williams’ BOTOX cosmetic concept introduces a line of BOTOX products that rely on a philosophy of injecting the smallest and most effective amount possible in order to relax the muscles of the face without freezing normal facial expressions, while Juvederm utilizes naturally occurring acids to organically hydrate the skin to aide in the appearance of earlobes, cheeks and lips while minimizing the dents of scars and physical tears. Cosmetic products like Radiesse and Restylane also offer their own unique brand of volumizing products specialized for different regions of the body, such as the hands, mid-face or the glabella, which is the area of skin between the eyebrows that is a favorite location for hair removal and line removal.

Laugh lines can embed themselves around the bottom of the mouth and marionette lines draw a distinct shape down and around the entire mouth. Tear trough hydraulics help to reduce the bags, circles, dark shadows and puffiness associated with wear and tear around the eyes. Different cosmetics will be prescribed for different applications, and it’s important for patents to consult on the specifics with their doctors before applying serious cosmetic medicine indiscriminately.

People who do not want to utilize injections can find alternatives in the laser treatment market, which treats similar blemishes in addition to being a pinpoint source for fine hair removal. Traditional laser treatments have been used to help the appearance of rosacea, broken capillaries, hair and severe bruising blemishes, while new pulse dye lasers utilize intense pulsing light beams to remove similar blemishes and hair.

Liquid facelifts utilize fillers into the makeup of the face without the tightening and restructuring of common facelifts. Non-surgical chemical peels like the Pontius Peel use medicated masques and regimented at-home treatments to imitate the results of traditional chemical peels, while wrinkle treatments come in as much variety as cosmetics themselves; from nutritional diets high with almonds and omega oils, to retinoic acid, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing and topical vitamin C applications.

TCA chemical peel procedures have reached outside of practicing plastic surgeons and transitioned themselves into bottled liquid form for over the counter sales, and work through topical applications with the proper precautions against exposure to wind, rain, sunshine and other elements. In conjunction with chemical peels, many patients find the Williams Center’s 6 Month Skin Rejuvenation Program improves clarity, reduces redness, and combats the signs of aging. The program involves different topical skin treatments administered by our highly trained staff.

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