Some methods for adrenal fatigue


What are some of the methods use to assess whether a person is suffering from adrenal fatigue?


Adrenal fatigue is a consistently low cortisol level throughout the day. The way we assess this is through a 4-point timed salivary cortisol level. So we would have you take home a kit with four sample vials. They should be filled with saliva prior to breakfast, prior to lunch, prior to dinner and prior to bed. Then the laboratory will analyze these for your cortisol levels. The results will be mapped out on a graph and we can see whether you have normal cortisol, high cortisol or low cortisol. Adrenal fatigue is typically associated with low cortisol at all points however there can be variability throughout the day. That is why we do not rely on a 1-point cortisol testing. 4-point salivary cortisol testing is the Gold standard for diagnosing adrenal fatigue.