What are the different options that you provide for facelifts?


What are the different options that you provide for facelifts? I had always thought that there was one type of facelift and now there seem to be other options.


There are several options and many of these can be explained in greater detail on our website. The upper face is essentially addressed using a browlift and mid-facelift. These are done endoscopically and address the upper half of the face including the mid-face. The lower face is addressed using a weekend lift, an extended weekend facelift, or a weekend facelift in conjunction with a neck-lift and liposuction. Essentially what we attempt to do now is to tailor the procedures to the individual so that they get the most improvement for their efforts (what accountants refer to as ‘bang for their buck’) – for example, not everyone would benefit from a full facelift and many patients receive the greatest improvement by having the neck and jawline treated. Other patients have much more aging in the upper mid face and for that reason our recommendations reflect where they have the most aging. Nonetheless, our overall goal is to address the most-aged component of the face leaving them looking very natural and rested. This is done by tailoring the recommendation or treatment to the individual.