What Is a Facelift?

As we age, we can develop what some would call “jowling”, “turkey neck”, or a “gobbler”.  All of these terms represent a sagging of the facial and neck skin as a result of time and gravity.  Facelift is a surgery that is designed to reduce this sagging skin, resulting in a sharp neckline and a more youthful appearance.  Most people who have these concerns are  primarily focused on their NECK, and they logically ask “Why would I need a Facelift?” There’s an adage that says “the best neck lift is a facelift.”  It’s a bit of a misnomer, but facelift surgery is specifically designed to address the sagging neck skin.

Everything in life is a trade-off.  Just like we trade money for food, in a facelift surgery we are trading wrinkles for scars.  A facelift typically requires cuts along the hairline and around the ears – We all know that cuts lead to scars.  The key to a successful facelift is having hidden scars, and this is very often an attainable goal.  If we are willing to make this trade, then the next question often asked is how long do the results last?  Facelift surgery usually has durable results, and the lift is often maintained for 10 or more years.  However, the continued effects of gravity and aging can result in recurrence of the sagging skin, and some people will want minor “tuck up” procedures in the future.

There are several variations of Facelift surgery, which are designed to address specific concerns and specific areas of the face.  Generally speaking, a facelift can address sagging skin of the neck, jaw and face up to the eye.  If there are additional concerns about excess skin or sagging around the eye, eyebrow or forehead then another procedure may be needed along with the facelift.

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