What is the time frame involved in a complete facelift?


What is the time frame involved in a complete facelift? I am scheduling one and need to know how much time to take off from work. I do not want to return to work with any bruising.


The short answer is two-three weeks. I would like to expand upon this because I am assuming that you are referring to a browlift which is often performed with a mid-facelift, a lower facelift and necklift with liposuction; with or without an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. For a patient having all of this performed at once (and many patients do) I typically tell them ten days to two weeks. I additionally qualify this by saying at two weeks most patients with a little bit of cover-up can comfortably go out in public but are not necessarily ready for the ‘family portrait.’ For those patients who are extremely concerned about anyone knowing or being able to see any residual recovery, I typically would have those patients out of the public eye for approximately three weeks. Many patients can return to other social activities, i.e., shopping, walking or casual socializing in ten days-two weeks. Again, those who are extremely concerned with being noticed would be 3 weeks. In contrast to a patient having a weekend facelift and neck-lift, which is essentially the lower part of the face treated, typically are back in public comfortably in seven-ten days. Naturally what you are referring to is doing everything at once which typically has a longer recovery.

Posted by Dr. Williams