I would like to know what browlift procedure you perform


I would like to know what browlift procedure you perform. I am 41years old, and have worry lines on my forehead. I would like a brow lift but do not know what options are available to me.


The type of browlift that I perform now and have for approximately 16 years is the endoscopic approach to brow, forehead and the mid-face. This is essentially performed through a minimally invasive procedure using five small incisions placed behind the hairline. The incisions are approximately one inch long and are hidden very nicely in the hair. We do not cut or remove any of the patient’s hair so the incisions blend right in, in a very short period of time. The procedure is performed with fiber-optics, small incisions and surgical innovation that allow us to do much more through the small incisions. Small incisions also cut down considerably on recovery time. A similar analogy is laparoscopic gall bladder surgery which is performed as an outpatient compared to the one-week hospital stay and large incision that used to be performed in gall bladder removal surgery. Regardless, this addresses the heaviness of the forehead, the temple area, and the hooding that occurs on the outer part of the eyelid and brow region.

Posted by Dr. Williams