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Guide to Breast Reduction & Breast Lifts - New York, NYRead Your Complete Guide to Breast Reduction & Breast Lifts written by Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alain Polynice MD

Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast Reduction Consultation

During the initial consultation, patients will undergo a complete examination, including breast measurements, which determine the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed to relieve symptoms and result in an excellent functional and aesthetic outcome.

Breast Reduction Surgery

The scars of a breast reduction are usually in the shape of an anchor, going around the areola, extending downward and then following the natural curve of the crease underneath the breast.

Dr. Alain Polynice has found that in most women, especially in women with pigmented skin, the incision underneath the breast is usually visible in the center of the chest and often forms a noticeable scar.

For this reason, Dr. Alain Polynice has perfected his technique to not only eliminates the horizontal scar underneath the breast, but also give the breast a fuller appearance with much more projection than with antiquated techniques.

Dr. Alain Polynice’s reduction mammoplasty technique leaves the patient with a scar in the shape of a lollipop going around the areola and then vertically. If it is necessary to make a horizontal scar, which sometimes happens in very large breasts, then it is very short and not noticeable.

View our breast reduction photo gallery to see real patient results, the minimally visible scar technique of Dr. Polynice and also read testimonials of patients who are pleased with their results.

Dr. Alain Polynice performs breast reduction surgery as an outpatient procedure at the New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center.

The operation takes about three hours to perform. It is important for patients to arrange for someone to accompany them after surgery since they will not be able to operate a motor vehicle.

Breast Reduction Recovery

After breast reduction surgery, patients will spend about one to two hours in the recovery area. There are usually two small drains placed to evacuate any oozing that may occur in the first day or two after breast reduction surgery.

Patients will go home with the drains that need to be emptied periodically, but they are very easy to care for.

After surgery, patients are given antibiotics and pain medication for the moderate discomfort that is typical of breast reduction recovery.

Patients will return to the office in two to three days, when the drains will be removed. Once the drains are removed, patients can shower.

For the first four weeks after surgery patients should wear a comfortable bra without underwire, like a sports bra.

Although patients typically feel well on the second or third day after breast reduction surgery, it is important to limit physical activity, including heavy lifting and exercise, for at least four weeks.

Breast Reduction Risks

As with any other plastic surgery procedure, there are risks associated with breast reduction, such as bleeding, infection, or a reaction to the anesthetic.

Some patients may experience decreased sensation around the nipple following surgery. This is usually temporary, and the sensation will return.

In very rare cases, after extreme breast reductions, the loss of sensation may be long-term.

The possible risks and complications of a breast reduction will be discussed in detail at the time of the initial cosmetic consultation.

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