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Droopy Nose Rhinoplasty Consultation

Before each droopy nose rhinoplasty, patients will have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss their surgical goals and get all questions answered about the procedure.

During this consultation, digital imaging is used to create virtual before and after photos to show each patient what rhinoplasty results can look like on their own face.

It gives them visual insight into the possibilities of rhinoplasty and the impact that a straighter nose would have on the face.

Dr. Williams assesses the nose and decides on a recommended course of action. He works directly with each patient to learn why they are looking to have rhinoplasty and explains the surgery in detail.

His 30-plus years of rhinoplasty experience allow him to handle a wide range of conditions and goals and customize the surgery to the specific patient.

Droopy Nose Surgery

After the initial consultation and pre-operative processes, Dr. Williams will perform a rhinoplasty to correct a droopy nose.

He will rotate or raise the nasal tip, then add or rebuild support with cartilage harvested from the patient to prevent future droopiness.

A nasal hump and overly large nose can be reduced at the same time during rhinoplasty. In some cases, the two surgical elements go hand in hand, as cartilage taken out to reduce the size of the nose can in turn be used to create a stronger nasal tip.

The ultimate goal of a droopy nose rhinoplasty is to build a nose that fits naturally and proportionally in the face by not drawing attention to any one particular feature.

Fixing Nostrils and Droopy Tip with the Closed Endonasal Approach Rhinoplasty Dr. Edwin Williams

*Video contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised. Patient results may vary.

Droopy Tip Rhinoplasty Recovery

After droopy tip rhinoplasty, patients will require a few weeks to recover after the surgery.

Patients can expect to have light dressing for a day and an outer splint for about a week.

Patients should avoid activities that could result in a physical blow to the recovering nose for the first two to three weeks following surgery.

Throughout this time, swelling and bruising will gradually diminish. Though the visible signs of the surgery resolve in weeks, internal healing may take up to a year.

The Plastic Surgery Center at Williams provides every crooked nose rhinoplasty patient with aftercare instructions and what to watch for in terms of rare possible potential complications, such as bleeding and infection.

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