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If you’re interested in getting a nose job but are concerned about how to pay for it, you’re not alone. For certain conditions such as a deviated nasal septum, nasal valve collapse, or a previous history of trauma or injury to the nose, rhinoplasty may be covered by health insurance. In such cases as the restoration of the breathing function through nasal reconstruction, the patient’s health insurance is likely to cover it. However, certain criteria must be met. For example, some insurance companies require medical documentation of past breathing issues, and/or treatment with steroidal nasal spray.

However, if the rhinoplasty is exclusively for cosmetic purposes, it is the patient’s full financial responsibility to arrange to pay for the entire cost of the surgery. Financial options are available and are discussed in detail at the time of the initial consultation so patients understand the fees and what, if any, portion of these fees are covered by insurance.

To request a consultation or learn more about financing options, contact the Albany, NY, Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists online or by phone at 518-786-7000.

As part of the consultation process with Dr. Edwin Williams, patients meet with a patient care coordinator who acts as patient liaison. She is available to help answer all of your questions prior to your surgical procedure—including cost and financing options, such as financing programs specifically for a cosmetic surgical procedure such as rhinoplasty. Programs such as CareCredit and/or local credit unions such as CapCom can often approve you online in minutes.

These programs may offer low- or zero-interest plans for an introductory period, after which the interest rate, while still low, may be higher.

Conventional financing options such as credit card, bank loans, and home equity lines of credit can also be considered. We also offer a layaway plan allowing you to save money toward your surgery prior to having it.

Surgeon’s fees for rhinoplasty surgery average $7,300 and do not include operating room and anesthesia fees, which are based on the amount of time needed to perform the specific nasal reconstruction surgery.

Again, our practice will inform you of all fees involved and options for financing them prior to scheduling your surgery.

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