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Nasal Tip Surgery

Nasal Tip Consultation

Every procedure at the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams begins with a consultation, which gives our specialized surgeons an opportunity to assess the patient and listen to their goals.

Before each nose tip rhinoplasty, patients will consult with Dr. Edwin Williams to discuss their surgical goals and get all questions answered about the procedure.

During this consultation, digital imaging is used to create virtual before and after photos to show each patient what rhinoplasty results can look like on their own face.

It gives them visual insight into the possibilities of rhinoplasty and the impact that a straighter nose would have on the face.

His 30-plus years of rhinoplasty experience allow him to handle a wide range of conditions and goals and customize the surgery to the specific patient.

During this consultation, patients have the chance to ask questions about the doctor, practice, cost, and surgery itself.

In some cases, a nose-focused surgeon may identify other structural or cosmetic problems contributing to a disproportionate look on the face, as well as structural problems that can obstruct natural breathing.

Nose Tip Reshaping Surgery

Nasal tip rhinoplasty involves two different approaches, which involve different incisions.

These approaches are generally categorized as the open approach or the closed (endonasal or “scarless”) rhinoplasty since incisions are not on the outside of the nose.

Some surgeons believe that the open approach to nose tip reshaping allows for a more precisely performed procedure.

However, once a surgeon has achieved a higher level of skill, they will likely prefer a closed approach, as it results in a minimal amount of scarring, quicker healing time, and more successful outcomes.

Dr. Williams performed open approach rhinoplasty for nearly a decade before he gained the skill and critical competence required to execute the more complex — and more effective — closed approach.

He now almost exclusively performs closed nose tip reshaping rhinoplasty.

Nose tip reshaping is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing the patient to go home after surgery.

Local anesthesia is used along with twilight or general anesthesia based on the preference of the surgeon and patients. All anesthesia options are conducted by a credentialed and experienced anesthesia provider.

There are a few different ways to perform nose tip rhinoplasty, based on the patient’s surgical goals.

Types of Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Crooked Tip

A crooked tip and nasal base can give the entire nose a look of misalignment, which can make the overall face appear asymmetrical.

Correcting this crookedness at the tip can make the entire nose appear straighter, as well as potentially help with breathing problems due to obstructed airways.

Refined Tip

If a nasal tip is disproportionately wide or otherwise bulbous, Dr. Williams can perform nose tip reshaping to refine the tip, making it more narrow and defined.

Great care must be taken to not remove too much cartilage, so choosing a plastic surgeon with significant experience in nasal tip rhinoplasty is crucial.

Nasal Tip Refinement

using the Endonasal Approach by Dr. Edwin Williams

View Dr. Edwin Williams performing a nasal tip rhinoplasty surgery using the endonasal approach:

Nose Tip Reshaping Recovery

After nose tip rhinoplasty, patients will have light dressing intact on their face on the day after surgery.

Patients should wear an outer splint for a week and avoid any activities that could damage the nose for a couple of weeks.

Initial bruising and swelling will be apparent in the days and weeks after surgery, but visible signs should fade naturally.

The final result of rhinoplasty takes about a year to appear.

The Plastic Surgery Center at Williams team provides each patient with instructions for caring for their nose after nasal tip surgery — including information on bleeding, infection, and other possible complications.

Procedures Beyond Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Of course, there is much more to nose surgery than work on the nasal tip. Rhinoplasty covers a range of procedures, including options to address a nasal hump, large nose, saddle nose, or crooked nose independent of the tip.

Dr. Williams offers modern imaging solutions so patients can see how a change to the tip, bridge, or other structure of the nose can impact the feature’s overall look, as well as how it balances with the rest of the face. These images are customized to the patient and are a valuable tool for getting an idea of the changes possible with nasal tip rhinoplasty and other options.

Considering nasal tip rhinoplasty in the Albany, NY, area? Arrange for a consultation at the Williams Center by calling 518-786-7000 or send a message online today!