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What is a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure that improves signs of aging in the face and neck.

The term "facelift" is broad in the sense that it encompasses a wide range of procedures used to improve the look of the lower-third or two-thirds of the face and neck.

The Plastic Surgery Center at Williams offers patients several types of customized facelift options tailored to each patient’s desired results.

These types of customized surgical options include: weekend facelift (S Lift or Mini Facelift), extended weekend facelift, traditional facelift (SMAS, Weekend/Necklift), and deep plane facelift.

Dr. Edwin Williams: Facial Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. Edwin Williams, M.D., FACS is a seasoned veteran in the field of cosmetic surgery with 25 years of experience who has performed thousands of facelifts during his longstanding career.

Dr. Williams was voted by his peers in 2015-2016 to serve as President of The Academy for Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons.

On the subject of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Williams is a nationally and internationally recognized educator and speaker who often gives guest lectures and authors peer-reviewed cosmetic surgery publications.

Cost of a Facelift

The estimated cost of a facelift is between $6,000 and $12,500. At the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams, we offer a variety of payment plans and options for our patients.

During the consultation, patients have a chance to talk with our patient concierges to discuss the cost of a facelift.

What is a Facelift Consultation?

A facelift consultation is an opportunity for patients to meet with a facial plastic surgeon and discuss their problem areas and surgical goals.

At the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams, Dr. Williams makes it a priority to align patients’ anticipated facelift results with realistic, attainable outcomes.

Just like each face is different and unique, so is each facelift.

During a consultation, patients can discuss their desired areas of improvements, including jawline, midface, jowls, and neck.
Using computer-generated imagery (CGI), Dr. Williams will provide patients with visual images of projected facelift results, aligning anticipated results with realistic outcomes.

During the consultation, Dr. Williams also evaluates volume loss where facial tissue has settled to recommend which of the four types of facelifts will best suit the patient’s needs.

Additional procedures that can be performed concurrently to assist in reducing the signs of aging, like blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat transfers, and chemical peels are discussed during the consultation.

Medical history will be reviewed along with a surgical plan before facelift surgery is scheduled.

Depending on the type of anesthesia patients are recommended to have, laboratory tests may be required.

Once patients decide to schedule a facelift surgery, they will meet with a cosmetic nurse specialist at the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams to discuss pre-operative and post-operative instructions.

During this time, patients are encouraged to ask any questions.

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A facelift consultation appointment typically takes place a month or two before the scheduled facelift procedure and offers an opportunity for both the doctor and patient to ask any questions they may have, including discussing results and recovery.

To learn more about facelift surgery and schedule a consultation, book an appointment online or call the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams at (518) 786-7000.

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