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Nasal Procedures With a Feminine Focus in Albany, NY

A typical woman’s face is different from a man’s in terms of general shape and the look of specific features. Feminine facial characteristics include an overall roundness, a narrower jaw and chin, and more delicate structures. The nose, while prominent, is not as pronounced. Dr. Edwin Williams considers all of this when working with women on female rhinoplasty at his Albany, NY-based practice. Beginning with an in-depth consultation, he creates a plan to not just deliver a patient’s desired cosmetic results, but to harmoniously balance their “new” nose with their existing facial features. This is the case with any surgery, including rhinoplasty for a large nose, nasal hump, saddle nose, crooked nose, drooping nose, or nasal tip.

Open communication is vitally important so Dr. Williams can understand what each patient is trying to achieve, and the patient can understand the steps he will take to get there.

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