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Nasal Procedures with a Feminine Focus

Rhinoplasty surgery is different for men and woman in many ways.

A woman’s face is different from a man’s in terms of general shape and the look of specific features. Feminine facial characteristics include an overall roundness, a narrower jaw and chin, and more delicate structures.

The female nose, while prominent, is not as pronounced.

A nose job for women typically consists of rhinoplasty surgery to fix any crookedness, large nasal tips, or any other factors that patients want to fix about their noses.

Dr. Edwin Williams considers all of this when working with women during female rhinoplasty at the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams.

Female Rhinoplasty Consultation

As with any rhinoplasty procedure, the process begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Edwin Williams.

Dr. Williams creates a plan to not just deliver a patient’s desired cosmetic results, but to harmoniously balance their “new” nose with their existing facial features.

This is the case with any nose surgery, including rhinoplasty for a large nose, nasal hump, saddle nose, crooked nose, drooping nose, or nasal tip.

Open communication is vitally important so that Dr. Williams can understand what each patient is trying to achieve, and the patient can understand the steps he will take to get there.

Female Rhinoplasty Surgery

Facial aesthetics, or what surgeons call “ideal aesthetic standards,” differ between the sexes, especially when it comes to the nasolabial angle — the angle between the nose and upper lip.

The more ideal angle for a woman’s nose is more open than a man’s, at about 100 to 105 degrees.

Rhinoplasty surgery takes about an hour and a half, depending on the structure of the nose and the extent of the changes being made.

During surgery, patients are pain-free and relaxed from anesthesia administered by a credentialed professional.

Female Rhinoplasty Recovery

Female patients undergoing rhinoplasty should plan for a day of light packing in the nose after the surgery and one week of an outer splint.

Physical activity that could cause a strike to the face should be avoided for several weeks, which is also the time frame for swelling and bruising to fade. Internal healing can continue for up to a year.

All patients will be given instructions on how to care for themselves after surgery — including information on the rare but possible complications of bleeding and infection.

Throughout this time, swelling and bruising will gradually diminish. Though the visible signs of the surgery resolve in weeks, internal healing may take up to a year.

The Plastic Surgery Center at Williams provides every patient with instructions after their nose job and what to watch for in terms of rare possible potential complications, such as bleeding and infection.

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