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Recommendations for Albany-Area Patients and Others Considering Nasal Surgery

Since the nose is so prominent and has such a dramatic impact on the entire face, it is important for patients seeking nasal surgery to select the best possible person to handle the work. Factors in choosing the right surgeon include experience, education, and more. Albany’s Williams Center presents these recommendations to help guide anyone considering a surgical procedure.

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The basis of any surgeon’s work is his or her education. Publicly available CVs, which list a doctor’s major accomplishments, will reveal where someone studied for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral work, as well as where residencies were completed and what specializations drew a doctor’s focus. While “big name” schools may get a lot of attention, look for surgeons who studied and trained in schools with a solid reputation.


This is a crucial factor for anyone choosing nose surgery to consider. The ideal surgeon will have not just considerable experience in cosmetic surgery, but will have a documented and successful history in nasal-focused procedures. A surgeon who has devoted years to studying and working on a variety of patients’ noses, handling a wide range of alterations and reconstructions, is ideal. Someone with more experience is more likely to be able to accurately assess your unique nasal problem and suggest the procedure best suited to correcting it.


Lindsay's Rhinoplasty Diary Day to Day Surgery and Recovery

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Professional Development

Some surgeons elect to join professional societies, many of which require ongoing education and a maintenance of high standards. The process is voluntary, so surgeons who choose this path can be considered as going above and beyond in their field. Also look for accolades, industry recognition, and awards given from peer- or patient-based selection processes as further evidence of a good reputation.


You should be able to get a good idea of what a qualified surgeon performing nasal surgery can do by reading patient testimonials and viewing before-and-after photos of actual patients. While no surgeon can exactly duplicate the results of a specific surgery, these images can give anyone a good sense of the work a surgeon does by revealing facial proportions, scar visibility, and more.


One sometimes-overlooked factor that is actually vitally important is the relationship between the patient and surgeon. Open communication is necessary for a doctor to understand a patient’s ultimate goals, as well as for explaining what is or isn’t possible based on facial structures and expectations. The more comfortable a patient feels with his or her surgeon, the better the process will be.

While some of these factors will be more important than others to different patients, all of them should be considered by anyone looking to change the size or shape of their nose with surgery. Other factors to consider:

  • proficiency and experience with both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques
  • sensitivity and cultural awareness necessary for ethnic rhinoplasty
  • understanding of facial differences for male nose surgery and female nose surgery
  • compassion and knowledge to handle teenage rhinoplasty

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