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Though nose surgery is a common and established cosmetic procedure, the team at the Albany, NY, Williams Center still encounters patients who have concerns due to rhinoplasty misconceptions they have heard. Dr. Edwin Williams addresses many of these points in his Famous Fireside Chats, and also answers some of the more common misconceptions here.

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Misconception 1: I’ll Look Like I Had Work Done

The goal with nose surgery at the Williams Center is not just to give your nose a new size or shape, but to provide results that look natural and in harmony with the rest of your facial features. As “The Face Specialist,” Dr. Williams is a national educator on rhinoplasty and has more than two decades of experience in working with a range of individuals, each with unique facial structure and personal goals for their nose. The advanced techniques he uses maximize results and minimize the signs of surgery.

Misconception 2: A Rhinoplasty is Too Expensive

Nose surgery is a complex procedure, but many patients find that the results they enjoy—both physical and psychological—are well worth the expense. Each procedure is different, so the cost of a particular surgery must be discussed at an individualized consultation with the doctor. In general, note that the skill of the surgeon and the nature of the surgery—first time or a revision?—will factor into the cost. That said, patients concerned about the price tag can learn more from Dr. Williams’ Famous Fireside Chats.

Misconception 3: I’ve Had Rhinoplasty Before, So I’m Stuck With My Nose Now

Dr. Williams is no stranger to revision rhinoplasty, which is a nose procedure to correct the results of a prior surgery. Sometimes patients are unhappy with how their nose looks after a previous surgeon made a less-than-ideal choice, such as taking out too much cartilage. Dr. Williams can assess any nose—whether natural or the result of surgery—and help to determine what can be done to best get it into a natural, aesthetically pleasing shape whether this is the first or third time.

Misconception 4: I’ll Get My Favorite Celebrity’s Nose

Let’s be clear: The only nose you can have is your own. A rhinoplasty can make it smaller, remove a hump, or straighten out a crooked tip, but it will still be your nose. This is because it is not an isolated feature to be viewed apart from everything surrounding it. The nose is an integral part of the face, and it should work in harmony with the eyes, mouth, ears, underlying bone structure, and more. You can’t just “import” a movie star’s nose onto your face, because even if it were possible to perfectly re-create it, the nose would not necessarily “fit” with your features. Dr. Williams works with each patient to shape a nose that complements his or her own face.

Misconception 5: Nose Surgery Is So Common Now, Any Surgeon Will Do

Regardless of whether or not rhinoplasty is more accepted than ever—and it is, according to reports that show its popularity as a procedure of choice for women and men around the country—it is still a complex surgery performed on what is arguably a person’s most eye-catching and prominent feature. Not every surgeon purporting to perform rhinoplasty is on the same playing field. Dr. Williams encourages anyone considering nose surgery to seek out a qualified and board-certified plastic surgeon with specific and extensive experience, capable of providing the high level of care and precision the procedure demands. Learn more about Dr. Williams’ own qualifications by reading his bio.

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