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Rhinoplasty to Fix a Crooked Nose for a More Symmetrical Face

Symmetry is often considered to be a major element of beauty, with the right half of the face mirroring the left. Unfortunately, this symmetry can be marred by a crooked nose.

Rhinoplasty performed by board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams is frequently chosen by patients who want to straighten a nose that is crooked due to injury or other trauma — or even one that has been crooked since birth.

This surgery frequently goes beyond cosmetic issues by also addressing breathing patterns that are abnormal due to obstruction.

An asymmetrical nose does not necessarily prompt someone to seek crooked nose rhinoplasty.

Patients who choose rhinoplasty to fix a crooked nose tend to do so to achieve balance in their face, be able to breathe properly, or get rid of a visible reminder of trauma.

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Crooked Nose




Dr. Williams starts every crooked nose rhinoplasty with a consultation, so he can assess the degree of crookedness, determine the recommended course of action, and work directly with the patient to learn why they’re seeking nose surgery and answer their initial questions.

His 30-plus years of rhinoplasty experience allow him to handle a wide range of conditions and goals and customize the surgery to the specific patient.

He can also use digital imaging to create virtual before and after photos to show what a patient could look like after rhinoplasty. These images can provide a general idea of the surgical results by revealing the impact a straighter nose would have on the face.

Crooked Nose Surgery

Crooked nose rhinoplasty surgery depends on the details of the nose itself, including both the nature and degree of the crookedness. A surgery to relieve a significant nasal obstruction or repair a nasal bone fracture will be more involved.

The procedure typically takes between one and two hours, depending on the patient. This includes the administration of anesthetic by a credentialed specialist.

The actual surgery time varies with the surgical specifics of each patient and their desired results.

Dr. Williams typically uses the closed rhinoplasty approach, a more technically demanding procedure that can accomplish the necessary structural changes while keeping visible external scarring to a minimum.

For a routine crooked nose rhinoplasty, Dr. Williams frequently harvests septal cartilage and places a spreader graft to straighten the midsection of the nose.

Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty Recovery

Crooked nose rhinoplasty will require a few weeks for patients to recover after the surgery.

Patients can expect to have light dressing for a day and an outer splint for about a week. Patients should avoid activities that could result in a physical blow to the recovering nose for the first two to three weeks.

Throughout this time, swelling and bruising will gradually diminish. Though the visible signs of the surgery resolve in weeks, internal healing may take up to a year.

The Plastic Surgery Center at Williams provides every crooked nose rhinoplasty patient with aftercare instructions and what to watch for in terms of rare possible potential complications, such as bleeding and infection.

There is a small percentage of rhinoplasty patients are not satisfied with the results of their initial surgery, which leads them to consider revision rhinoplasty.

The revision rhinoplasty procedure is performed regularly at the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams when unhappy patients choose Dr. Williams as their next surgeon to remedy their rhinoplasty procedure.

Other Available Procedures to Remedy Crooked Nose

In certain cases where nasal fractures and breathing obstructions are not a concern, Dr. Williams may recommend nonsurgical fillers for temporarily straightening a crooked nose.

He also offers rhinoplasty surgery to address a large nose, as well as saddle nose, crooked nasal base/tip, pinched tip, and drooping nose deformities.

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