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Why Might Revision Rhinoplasty Be Necessary?

There is no single reason that nasal surgery outcomes may be less than ideal. In some cases, the initial surgeon may have not have had adequate skills or experience to successfully generate consistent results. In others, a patient’s unique anatomy or recovery might have led to problems during the healing process.

No matter the reason, a patient who is dissatisfied with the results of rhinoplasty surgery does not have to live with those results. A revision rhinoplasty may be desired after any number of prior corrections, including surgery to address a nasal hump, a large nose, saddle nose, crooked nose, a crooked tip or nasal base, a pinched tip, a drooping nose, and even ethnic rhinoplasty.

The Importance of a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

Because revision rhinoplasty is a unique surgery—it is not merely nasal surgery performed again—it is important for patients seeking the procedure to choose a specialist with years of nose-focused experience, not just in initial procedures, but in revision rhinoplasty.

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A revision rhinoplasty procedure can be considerably more complex than the initial surgery due to the presence of scar tissue and changes to soft tissue and blood vessels in the nose—all of which the revision rhinoplasty specialist must take into account. In addition, there may be less cartilage and other tissue to work with, or the scope of the reshaping may need to be expanded to encompass the new changes.

A plastic surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty will know to consider these factors and others when approaching the patient.

When Should Revision Rhinoplasty Be Performed?

Though every case is unique, Dr. Williams advises that patients who want a revision surgery wait at least a year after their initial surgery to allow for ample healing and “settling.” Swelling should be subsided to fully reveal the primary surgery’s true results, as well as to not hinder any further surgery performed in the area.

In some cases, a six-month wait may be all that is required, while a revision rhinoplasty can take up to two years to heal properly. Patients should keep this in mind when considering any nasal surgery, whether primary, secondary, or some other number.

How Can I Avoid the Need for Revision Rhinoplasty?

There is no way to guarantee the results of an initial surgery—or any surgery—but patients can increase their chances of a positive outcome by making a few simple decisions.

Despite the surgeon’s and patient’s best efforts, a revision rhinoplasty may still be desired.

Ways to obtain a positive outcome

  • Research the surgeon ahead of time: Read reviews, look at before-and-after photos of prior surgeries, and examine any bio or CV available. Choosing a nasal surgery specialist from the beginning can start the process off on the best foot possible.
  • Follow all recovery guidelines throughout the healing process to reduce the chance of infection and other risks to an ideal outcome.
  • Speak up during the consultation: A meeting with a prospective surgeon is prime time for asking any procedure-related questions and getting further information about the surgeon’s background and rhinoplasty-specific experience.
  • Eat well, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and avoid smoking. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle promotes better healing.

Rhinoplasty Revision Cost

The scope of each rhinoplasty revision surgery will be unique, so there is no way to determine cost until the nose itself can be examined and scope of work be laid out. Cost can be discussed along with other details at the initial consultation.

Final Words on Revision Rhinoplasty

Since the nose is such a prominent feature, it makes sense that a person would want it to look as best as it can. A revision surgery does not mean you are being too picky or are difficult to please. Learn more about what is possible at the Williams Center.

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